Intelligent trees (documentary)

I'm most interested in the visual/aesthetic effects used in this documentary, to show the ways in which trees demonstrate "intelligence".

There's an AR (augmented reality) feel to the visuals.

For example, in these images showing the underground communication - trees with other trees and fungi:

forest floor

fungi comms

fungi spores

tree comms

tree comms 2

You've also got a more animated/CGI feel with this image, showing how nutrients are passed from tree to tree, via fungi:

tree fungi comms

On a different topic, there are these images showing the "maps" of communication, which are very similar to brain activity maps or neural networks.

We start with an AR/superimposed image, the circles of activity grafted onto a blurred forest background:

tree neural nets

Then move to a more abstracted visual treatment.

tree neural nets 2

tree neural nets 3

Finally, I'm interested in how the images showing tree warning communications were red, with a hexagonal geometric pattern:

tree warning

tree warning 2