MAYT (monumental ancient yew tree)

It was very easy to find and distinctive, cos it stands out quite a bit from the others around it.

And it's got something special about it straightaway, huge craggy trunk, with very clear signs of "old"

Like a lot of trees, it has dead bits co-mingling with living bits, but I don't think I've seen one quite as pronounced as this.

Some of the contortions in the wood are quite spooky, I was seeing body shapes and faces all over the place. Like this "leg"

And then these very Lovecraftian/Alien holes and projections.

I got this strong sense of frozen lava, cos its all very solid but also a lot of circles and flow lines.

And also felt like there was something inside it.

It was gorgeous looking wood up close, lots of marbling and tone, like when you go in a decent old pub and there's characterful beams all over the place.

The feeling of something being there is strong cos in order to get up close, you have to cross the membrane of the branches that are hanging down.

So it feels quite enclosed - you get "in there".

And the shapes are just very odd. Also the colours, very abrupt shifts in tone.