Excerpted from Boomkat (NTS Manchester) - 24th April 2016 (27 mins 15secs into show).

"When water splashes, it creates negative ions in the air.

[The higher the] negative ion count, the higher your sense of wellbeing.

Which is why being around a fountain, people feel nice being around fountains, because there's a lot of negative ions in the air.

What does that mean?

It means loose electrons just flying around, so if your body needs electrons, they're there, an abundance of them, as many as you need.

So fountains splash water, release negative ions in the air.

Waterfalls splash an amazing amount of water so they have an amazingly high count of negative ions in the air, so you're getting high on all the negative ions in the air.

Free electrons flying around.

In a waterfall you have a huge abundance of free electrons flying around.

Is there a way that humans themselves can be like waterfalls? Would that be thought-based? Would that be based on, like, how much bliss we're radiating? Do we have the capacity to actually be negative ion like that as well?

To begin with, just the fact that you exist makes you a waterfall in a sense because your higher self is sending a continuous stream of living electrons down through your silver cord, also called your antahkarana, coming into here, going to your heart and from your heart radaiting to all parts of your body, this is a continuous stream of energy coming in, that's wholly pure.

It's like a tape recorder, what goes into a tape recorder is pure blank tape.

But when it's recording sound, then it gets stamped with the qualities of whatever it's recording, whether it's blissful sounds or horrible sounds, it gets stamped with it.

But what comes in is just pure, clean magnet.

Likewise, what comes from your higher self is very pure, but once it passes through your emotional body and your mental body, it gets stamped with your thoughts and feelings and then goes out to the whole universe, and drags more energy of the same kind, then bounces back to you again. Haha!

So you send out angry thoughts, it goes out, then through reverb it collects a lot of angry energy and all that angry energy bounces back to you and you have to deal with it.

If you're sending out love and ecstasy and joy, radiate that, it attracts more love, ecstasy and joy and then it bounces back, and then if it's pure energy coming back, which love and joy would be, it goes back up to your higher self and gets stored there in your [?] body which is your storehouse of good energy that you've accummulated, but if it's negative energy, you need to process it, it doesn't go back up, only high frequency energy goes back up, which is pure harmonius energy.

The negative energy which is low frequency energy stays in your aura until you process it and clean it up.

So in a sense, everybody, just by the fact that they are alive, makes them a waterfall, of a stream of living electrons from their higher self to them, which is what animates your body.

Now on top of that, you can have a being, being a radiator of love.

So you can say your waterfall is love.

You could have a little puppy dog be a radiator of joy, cos it's feeling a lot of joy and perking around.

You can have someone else be a radiator of fear, like some people I know, where they're radiating fear all the time.

So, your average emotional radiations, determines what your a waterfall of, good, bad and indifferent.

I reccommend being a radiator of love and ecstasy.

Yeah, wow."