Searching for a tilery (May 2021)

Note: you might want to read this first for background and context:

Grimscar Roman tilery

Or skip it and come back later.

There's a strong smell of garlic in this deep blue sea.

The map tells me I'm close, but I can see nothing obvious.

I eventually find a large flat stone, seemingly covering over an opening.

Is this it?

I try to lift it from the edge, to see inside, but a fragment comes away in my hand.

I decide to leave it alone. It feels too close to the road anyway, more likely to be a stone quarry.

I head back into the woods and suddenly become excited when I spot this stone braced pit - is this a kiln?

When I get closer, it looks like a more recent construction than 100 - 400 AD?

And again, far too close to the road.

And also right over the stream.

I make more "discoveries".

But none of these seem right.

It's now really hot.

I'm tired and the smell of garlic is now becoming a bit overpowering.

Defeated, I head back.

But then, I spy the swing.


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